Thursday, 17 July 2008

How did we do that?

A quick note on how we made our animations.

The first films on the site are all animations and are made using the excellent AnimatorDV Simple+ animation program. We used Windows Movie Maker to put the scenes together, add narration and create the final movie files. For sound editing and sound effects, we used a combination of Goldwave and Audacity. All of the special sound effects were downloaded from the Freesound Project.

The best thing of all is that every one of these programs and resources is free to download and use!

So now you know that, there's nothing to stop you downloading the programs and having a go for yourself!

Secondary school worries

Year 6 will be leaving their primary school years behind them next week and getting ready for life at secondary school.

Some of our Year 6 children have been working on some stop-frame animations about their secondary school worries.

In the first, Damla and Ozge tell a story about a girl called Sophie and her dreams about her first day of secondary school:

And now for another 'first day at school' anxiety dream. Here is Moadh, Wang Yee and Jamal's film about some slightly over-zealous, tazer wielding prefects:

A bump turns into a war

Euan and Kelsen have made a film about how the smallest argument can escalate into something rather unpleasant:

The Lady on the Bench

Ayan, Dayana and Shahnaz have put together a story about a mischievous gingerbread man:

Listen out for the added sound effects in this one.

Humpty Dumpty

Here's Monique and Jade's exploration of Humpty Dumpty:

First steps

We spent a morning getting to know the 'AnimatorDV Simple+' software. We made some plasticine models and just had a go - without worrying too much about narrative structure!

Here are some of our first steps in the world of animation:

First up, Euan and Moadh's football themed animation:

Next, more football from Taleb, Jerome and Wang Yee:

And now, when a minor skirmish goes badly wrong from Moadh and Wang Yee:

Welcome to Highbury Quadrant Primary School Film Club!

A big welcome to our Film Club blog!

Children in Year 6 at Highbury Quadrant Primary School have been very busy making their own short animations. So busy in fact that we are beginning to run out of room on our Year 6 blog!

We have set up these pages especially to showcase the children's films and as a place where future films, maybe from other year groups, can be published for all to view.

We hope you enjoy watching our films!